How to send SMS with your iPad

If we missed that, it surely want missed by several hackers, first of all MuscleNerd, who, a few months ago (in may) was able to send an email to sms from an iPad jailbreak. But he admitted sending an SMS/MMS from iPad is not simple as the the application works perfectly on iPhone but not so perfectly on iPad.

Understandably, this started some rushed optimism amongst bloggers and user, who dreamed of the possibility of being able to make phone calls from iPad. But all this just remain a dream, as the only knows app is SwirlyMMS, an app released 2 years ago, when mms from iPhone was not (ufficially) supported, but this app, thanks to jailbreak made it possible.

In other words, the only app able to send SMS/MMS in a “pure” mode (using phone network), required jailbreak and is not an app specifically written for iPad, but just a recycled iPhone app, not using in full the capabilities of iPad, as shown in the following video, courtesy of MuscleNerd.

We mentioned sending messages in pure mode; this presumes there are other modes to obtain the same results In reality there are several ways, all using the internet connection, either wireless of via phone and none requires jailbreak. The concept is simple: a provider act as bridge between internet and phoneline, transforming in mobile signal the messages we sent, same as when we use VOIP to call a land line.

There are many choices, each with it’s own tariffs, contract or bonus. My-cool-SMS, for 1,59 Euros (and subscription to website), allow us to send SMS at reasonable prices, and with the possibility of showing the SMS as sent from our own mobile.

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