High Temperature Power Supply – The Basics

The environments iPollo V1 that some industrial equipment is exposed to are far outside of the conditions that most people will ever have the chance to experience. It is also far outside of the range that standard equipment can operate in. There are a number of extreme applications that are beyond the range of even typical industrial equipment.

Some things are constant requirements to maintain operation. When things like energy supply is cut out the work stops. As a result high temperature power supply units are a necessity in some of the extreme environments that exist. These devices are specially designed to ensure that your work does not stop when things get hot. They can withstand heat that is far beyond what typical power supplies can. Here is some of how it is done.

The heat that these high temperature power supply devices have to be able to withstand is not heat that is generated by the device. So the threat of heat is one that comes from the outside. To better explain the protection that exists we can follow the protection in the path that that threatening heat would take.

At the very outside layer of these high temperature power supply devices you will find a protective shell many times. It will depend on the particular application though. For instance, if you are looking to install a power supply inside of a larger piece of equipment then you may need a device that is relatively small and that will be protected by the shell of the equipment that you install it in.

Even in those cases you can expect to find an capsule of some sort surrounding the device. In applications where the power supply is a standalone device you may expect to find a steel box to protect the unit. Rugged capsules and cases are the first line of defense against extreme heat and against a number of other extreme conditions that may exist.

Deeper at the core of the design is the selection of specific materials that can withstand the heats that the device is exposed to. The actual design of the supply is also specialized to ensure that the surrounding heat and the heat generated do not damage the device. The transformer may be separately encapsulated in resin to provide additional insulation and protection. As well techniques such as hard potting ensure that oils and other substances do not leak out of the device causing damage to it or other equipment.

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