Five Ways to Make Rental Trade Show Exhibits Pay Off

There are times when renting, versus owning, a trade show display makes good sense. It could be that your primary trade mxl tv booth is already in use at another show; you have budget or turnaround time constraints; or you may be testing the trade show experience for the first time.

Find a rental trade show display that can be easily and quickly setup to save on trade show display installation and dismantling costs. Choose trade show exhibits that are built to survive unpredictable transport and are constructed to ensure fast, flawless trade show exhibit assembly and rapid, fool-proof trade show exhibit breakdown.

Today you can find exceptionally stable, yet lightweight, platforms such as high tech aluminum extrusion profile forms that can act as the backbone of your trade show display. Straight and curved modular elements in varying lengths also work together in virtually limitless combinations to create unique, personalized rental trade show exhibit booths.

Being flexible is a key to providing a solution for rental trade show exhibit environments–from trade show booth interiors and dividing walls to free standing podium additions or other options.
You can define your trade show exhibit area’s space starting with a freestanding platform. You may want to create a quiet island for serious prospects amid the noise and chaos of the typical show floor. Today’s versatile rental trade show display systems even have modular wall elements that can act to enclose some or all of your exhibit space.

By using advanced high tech design solutions, you will be able to have a rental trade show booth that can relay your company’s message in a focused and powerful way. Contemporary rental trade show exhibit structures can be custom designed to create a personalized trade show floor statement that expresses your company’s marketing goals and objectives.

Whether it’s a rental trade show exhibit or a permanent trade show exhibit, the ideal trade show display encourages person-to-person interactions through attention to traffic flow within the exhibit and careful placement of exhibit design elements for maximum efficiency and accessibility to product demonstrations, product displays, and marketing literature. Make it easy for your attendees to feel at home with visible and accessible literature. Set up exhibit demonstration areas designed to draw the attendee in and make the experience comfortable.

Try out imaginative and innovative trade show exposure ideas when you rent. It’s a great way to test trade show exhibit options before purchasing a permanent exhibit or making a major trade show booth commitment.

By following the rental trade show booth tips outlined above, you will be well on the way to a having a successful rental trade show display experience. This is true wherever you have your rental custom trade show exhibit or rental custom modular exhibit, whether the trade show exhibit is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Santa Clara Convention Center or the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

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