Eczema Steroid Cream – Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Steroid Cream is one of the most common treatments for Eczema. Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis and affects people in varying degrees of severity. buy injectable steroids online with credit card are effective in treating eczema because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a huge source of discomfort and irritation in eczema sufferers. Inflammation also does not allow for healing of the itchy site.

Cons Steroid cream cannot be used for extended periods of time because it cause blood vessels beneath the skin to vascularise and become more visible. It also causes thinning of the skin, which will hinder the treatment of eczema long term.

I was prescribed the most powerful form of Eczema Steroid Cream by a dermatologist. It was called betamethasone. This cream worked very well for me. It greatly reduced my itching, and allowed the skin to heal without constant scratching. I did eventually have to discontinue its use and the scaly skin returned.

I found a variety of drug-free ways to treat my eczema that I still use every day, even though my eczema appears to be gone. I use these methods to prevent further breakouts and keep my skin hydrated in the winter months.

Oil baths are a great way to lock in the moisture that is lost when you take a bath or shower. Taking short, lukewarm showers instead of long hot ones was one of the main things my dermatologist recommended. Also, avoid using harsh fragrant soaps. It is best to only apply soap to areas that need to be cleaned instead of all over the body. Vaseline is another inexpensive way that I treat my eczema. After the bath or shower, I apply Vaseline to eczema affected areas to protect the newly clean area and lock in moisture.

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